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Personal Development Testimonials

“With Tom, you will not get the conventional, school-manufactured, coaching approach, which sometimes removes our intouchness with life-at-large. His is a distinctly grounded and unique method that allows you to appreciate who you are, identify the self imposed obstacles you can dissolve, and with growing your own confidence, move forward into action. Intuitive, sincere, and with great integrity, he appreciates what it takes and what you’re likely going through.

From his experience of having led an uncommon life, you can expect to engage with him in a very compassionate and practical way to address underlying core issues, some of which may be hidden, such as they were in my case. As a result, the incredible value gained living daily with new awareness,and accrued over time, far exceeds the initial investment”

– Will Black

“I have purchased several self help/personal development books; most of them ended up underneath my bed 1/2 read. The author was either talking over my head or it was the same regurgitated information. For the past 5 years I have been searching for information on what my life’s purpose is?

I have been looking for books or people who can answer the many questions that I have about how to get the most out of my life.

I was in a high stress job that was effecting my relationship with my wife, children, family and friends. I was mentally and physically burnt out and I felt helpless. And then I met Tom and he introduced me to the Live The Life YOU Want book & program. Working through the book and program I discovered all the answers that I was looking for were within me. This book gave me real tools right now.

To date I still have the same job, same wife, same children and the same family & friends the only thing that changed was me. In a few short months I am Living The Life That I Want and it’s only getting better”
Thank You Tom

– Steve Fisher

“Before I met Tom, I was a supercar running at 236 mph without a destination. I became the youngest manager of the largest investment bank on earth, I hung out with billionaires, Major League Baseball stars, and achieved all the credit and recognition in the industry. My company put me on a business class on business trips since I was 26. I was invited to all kinds of extravagant functions. As a result, my ego inflated to the size of the Empire State Building.

I was blind to my own weaknesses and refused to admit them to others. In addition to my inflated-ego, I did not know why I was driving so fast in the supercar and where I was going. I did not know when to change oil, battery, where to stop to do alignment.

I got lost. Forest Gump stopped running and turned around suddenly because he realized that he was running without a purpose and a destination.

I stopped not because I wanted to. I stopped because I ran out of gas of my supercar. My engine seized up because I did not change oil in time. I could not even see through the windshield because I ran out of windshield wiper fluid.

I needed massive work of repair to get the engine started again. I collapsed and rushed to emergency. I ended up staying in hospital for two months. They heavily medicated me and I’d throw up almost everyday due to excessive amount of different medications. It was the toughest time of my life.

As I started recovering, I needed to find a way to discern the real purpose and meaning of my life to understand where I am, who I am, and which direction I want to go.

Treatments from medical staff can only do much. You need a compass. Once you get a compass in your hands, you start your journey. Working with Tom has taught me how to get there. Lots of books and tools help you determine where you want to go. However, they hardly talk about how get there. Tom’s teaching does.

I am not a very easy person to be convinced unless there is solid scientific, reasonable explanation. I went to one of the most prestigious university in the US and I hardly ever lost a debate or dispute to any smart kids who come from all over the world during my enrollment in school. The first meeting I had with him was kind of scary because of my preconception. But when I was driving to Tom’s house for the second meeting, I found myself already convinced. It was just something you cant describe with words.

My got deflated very easily because my nature is completely the opposite to the direction of ego. I just needed to come back to who i really was. And Tom’s ego buster program played a vital role in my efforts to accomplish this.

My supercar is not supercar any more. I don’t have to drive that fast. Because I was driving so fast, I could not see the beautiful scenery through the windows. Now I can see the flowers and trees on the road. I am gassed up and engine oil, windshield wiper fluids are both full.

Do I know where I am? Do I know where I am going? Do I know how to get there? Yes, I do now. I am still learning to obtain consistent insight from Tom until I am completely comfortable on the bumpy roads in a dark night.”

– Christopher Choi,
Financial Advisor,BS, MBA, PhD Candidate
ATB Financial

“Tom is a fantastic coach with a very direct and yet personable style. His guidance on everything from personal improvement to life coaching is effective, practical, and shows long term results.

Tom’s coaching and books have helped me realize every single goal, whether personal or business, that i have set out for myself. I continually use his tools, especially the ones he lays out in his Live The Life YOU Want program whenever i feel stuck, or just need to feel inspired. Whats more is that even years after starting with Tom, I can still contact him with any issues and he always has some great practical insights and guidance that gets me through.

All in all, I feel that Tom’s focus on allignment and integrity in all spheres of life truly provides a universal approach to achieving lasting and measurable success.”

– Gaurav Duggal

True masters are the ones who would never lay claim to such a title, yet Tom Grbich absolutely and completely fits that description! His expertise and acute insight into the human condition is well earned because he has applied every principle, tool and technique which he espouses, to his own life! In addition, he shares wholeheartedly, humbly and with great respect and compassion with anyone who asks for a hand.

In my books, such an individual is a rare and precious gift to humanity and I feel deeply grateful to having been guided, mentored and inspired by Tom’s authentic, honest, unconditional and well reasoned and seasoned wisdom.

It is my hope and wish that you too will partake of Tom’s gift of insight, whether in the form of his excellent book “Live the Life YOU Want”, or in person. The beauty of Tom’s work is that regardless of all the accolades, if you are willing and committed to truly and fully living the life you want, then the work shall speak loud and clear for itself!

– Taron Puri, B.A., LL.B, Life Coach and Stress Management Consultant

I can honestly say that in knowing Tom Grbich, has enriched my life in the most profound way. Through his example, of living with his self mastery and unconditional love, Tom showed me that yes I really could live my life, to my fullest potenial. Being around him, a very quiet exchange of energy takes place. I found myself in a most relaxed aware way, I really wanted to hold in my thoughts a postive, happy outlook.

The book Tom wrote gave me real ideas that I was able to get mearsurable results, of my progress of my inner development, my outlook/attitude changed and I became much more balanced and focused. I humbly give gratitude and my deepest respect and love to Tom

– Victoria VanAyerst

Business Training / Coaching Testimonials

“Sales training and coaching provided by Tom Grbich and Leading For Success has taken me from novice to Corporate Account Manager in one year, with an increase in Customers of 50%, and an initial increase of 33% (and growing) in monthly revenues. Tom’s understanding of people, the sales process, the psychology of selling, and Account Management is extensive. Other sales programs attended during the year fell far short of my experience with Tom” 

– Calum Bonnington – Corporate Account Manager

“To deliver 150% of target is an excellent result and your personal efforts played an important part in recapturing the Rotorua toll market” 

– Dudley Enoka – National Manager General Business Sales.

“Mr Grbich has an incredible way of capturing a crowd and keeping them interested throughout an entire seminar” 

– Gayle DeBolt – Branch Manager

Tom’s skills and advice in the field of sales were in all honesty, a life saver for my company. One of Tom’s greatest strengths is his ability to ‘walk-the-talk’ – he is not a theoretician. In my 15 years in business I rate Tom Grbich as the most competent and valuable mentor with whom I have worked” 

– Mark Stothart – Founding Director

Note: Many more testemonials can be provided on request, with original documents if requested