About Tom

Tom Grbich was raised on a small farm in New Zealand where he was mentally and physically beaten by his parents on a daily basis. When Tom’s father was not beating him, then his mother would be telling him that he should have died at birth and that he was “BORN USELESS”.

One day, after a horrific two hour beating, Tom decided to prove that although he may have been Born Useless, he wasn’t entirely useless – he at least had the courage to do something about it. At eight years of age, Tom went up a hill overlooking the farmhouse, stuck a loaded shotgun up to his head and tried to take his own life. When he couldn’t get the gun to fire no matter how hard he tried, he then experienced his first complete emotional breakdown.

On that day, Tom decided that he deserved whatever happened to him in his life. By his inability to pull the trigger he had forfeited his whining and blaming rights with the result that he never complained again, and he took personal responsibility for everything he did in his life and that happened in his life, from that day forward.

In the years since, he has achieved every personal and business goal he has ever set for himself. Tom transforms people and companies wherever he goes and he now devotes his life to helping as many others as he can, to realise that they too have been totally misled, and they CAN change everything in their lives IF… they are willing to change – the way they think and act.

Tom is a believer in “experiential learning” (based mostly on his many years of teaching his own martial art form) – creating appropriate experiences in and outside of the classroom, that can be directly applied to work and/or personal growth.

Tom’s specialties include Leadership training and coaching, Sales Training and coaching (all levels), Team Building, Communication, Organizational and Personal goal alignment, Personal Development Coaching, and Keynote Speaking.

Personal Development

As the Founder of Live Your Life International, Tom practices and lives what he teaches and speaks about every day. Tom Founded Live Your Life International as a means to spread his hard earned and practical wisdom on how to live and achieve your greatest dreams and aspirations every day.

As with all that Tom speaks about, everything in his Personal Development coaching comes from his own experiences, plus the experiences of those whom he has learned from and had a chance to share his knowledge with, over the years. To this end Tom has put his entire 30 years plus of experience into his widely acclaimed Live The Life YOU Want Program.

Through this program Tom has positively impacted the lives of countless persons worldwide, and has helped specific individuals to:

  • Turn their life around and establish themselves in a very highly recognized career after years of self deprecation and abuse
  • Regain their life in a few short personal sessions despite over 20 years of intensive psychotherapy
  • Overcome a lifetime of physical, mental, and emotional abuse
  • Discover their passion and find employment related to their passion in a down economy
  • Establish and Maintain several businesses despite having no formal training
  • Prevent suicide and discover and live their true purpose in life

… and so on, there are a multitude of such examples. Tom firmly believes that if you are not spending at least 70% of your waking hours in a truly happy state, then it is time to make a change.

Tom’s greatest wish with Live The Life YOU Want and the rest of his Personal Development programs is to give people the opportunity and practical tools to discover their highest potential and to be able to truly live their lives to the fullest every single day.

Business Development

As CEO of Leading for Success, Tom prefers to refer to himself as a “Results Specialist;” with a passion for applying “measurables” to all that his organisation does. Tom was a founder of two companies in New Zealand – one of which was sold to a much larger player and the other is now in the top three in the country in its field.

As a salesperson, Tom made the top 1% in the world, with a 12 month close rate of 91% (all profitable) in the security industry – one of the most competitive industries in the country at the time.

As a coach/trainer, Tom has directly contributed to increases in revenue of 300% (in 3 months) in a multi-national company, 500% in 9 months in New Zealand’s largest company, an increase of 300% in revenue for a Calgary based marketing consultancy company, and an increase in the performance of a single individual of 800% in 3 months.

These achievements, Tom says, come from looking at almost everything differently.

Tom’s goal in life and his goal with his book and website is to help as many people as he can, get the most out of THEIR life.