A Message From Tom

Welcome – my name is Tom Grbich, and I’m just another person really, who’s had to face and overcome, a few difficulties in my lifetime. One of the first things you will notice about me is the extraordinariness of my ordinariness. I don’t have a mouthful of perfect, glistening white teeth, I don’t have a perfect body, and my dress sense is not perfect. What I do have though, makes all of that irrelevant – I have a (near) perfect life. 

Many of you out there will equally have less than perfect teeth, bodies etc. and for some of us – there’s not a lot we can do about that. You CAN have similarly near perfect lives though and I’m here to teach you how to do it.

Some Background

Essentially, as a result of my upbringing I left home with no self-esteem whatsoever, and all of the problems that go with that. I thought I was on my own in this world and had to do everything by myself – and I did. I was so grateful for absolutely anything that helped me along the way though, that I etched those things indelibly in my mind – never to be forgotten. Those things have become the basis of everything that I teach and practice, whether it is through offering personal coaching and development, seminars, books, or business development programs.

Some of the obstacles that I have faced and overcome include:

  • I was raised in an environment of constant physical, mental, & emotional abuse
  • I left school with no educational qualifications
  • I believed that I was entirely “on my own” in this world and didn’t have the right to ask for help
  • I carried a tremendous amount of fear and anger
  • Having been told many times, I genuinely believed that I was “born useless” – no self esteem
  • I had nothing to offer anyone so how could I ever hope to attract a “life partner”, and
  • Worst of all – I had no hope – what could possibly change in the life of a person who had no qualifications and was “born useless” anyway – you can‟t get “reborn”

And yet today, I’m living a life that I previously couldn’t have dreamed of. I’ve achieved every personal and commercial goal I’ve set for myself to date – from being rated amongst the top 1% of salespersons in the world, to being an undefeated martial arts champion, to starting, building, and selling several successful companies – and I have won accolades from individuals and businesses from all over the world. All this from someone who used to rate himself as an amoeba on the scale of life.

So how did this happen?

This is the exciting bit. I’ve achieved all of this because of many wonderful tools I picked up along the way. The reason I find this exciting is because if my achievement was because I was “special,” then I couldn’t help anyone else – could I? Tools are something I can share with everyone. And I can teach YOU to use them, to take you to the same success that I’ve found, and perhaps even beyond.

I have worked with people and organizations from around the world ranging from housewives and children to CEOs of top multinational corporations. And through this all, I have helped them achieve their greatest potentials, often not by adding anything new to their lives, because really our lives are busy and complex enough as is, but by removing the barriers that stood in their way. My martial arts grandmaster once said that you can eat a peanut the easy way – hand to mouth – or by twisting your arm around the back of your head and trying to get the peanut in your mouth that way! The point being, the simpler and more practical the approach to solving an issue, the easier and more permanent the solution.

Ultimately I believe that it is vital that any good coach, or program, or guide should always show you not just “What” to do but “How” as well. Everything I talk about shall always contain both elements and I strive to keep both as simple and practical as possible. I sincerely believe and hope that by giving everyone practical and easily applicable tools that have helped so many people (including myself), I can help others turn their lives around and find permanent and lasting success in life.

So I invite you to browse this website and have a look at the various tools and strategies that are available to help you achieve YOUR goals – whatever they may be. If you have any questions, you can always contact me by using the Contact button above. Enjoy your stay