Tom Grbich
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Live Your Life International

As the Founder of Live Your Life International, Tom practices and lives what he teaches and speaks about every day. Tom founded Live Your Life International as a means to spread his hard-earned and practical wisdom on how to live and achieve your greatest dreams and aspirations every day.

As with all of what Tom speaks, everything in his Personal Development coaching comes from his own experiences, and the experiences of those whom he has learned from and had a chance to share his knowledge with over the years. To this end Tom has put all of his over 30 years of experience into his widely acclaimed Live The Life YOU Want Program .

Through this program Tom has postively impacted the lives of countless persons worldwide, and has helped specific individuals:

  • Turn their life around and establish themselves in a very highly recognized career after years of self-deprecation and abuse
  • Regain their life in a few short personal sessions despite over 20 years of intensive psychotherapy
  • Overcome a lifetime of physical, mental, and emotional abuse
  • Discover their passion and find employment related to their passion in a down economy
  • Establish and maintain several businesses despite having no formal training
  • Prevent suicide and discover and live their true purpose in life

... and so on, there are a multitude of such examples. Tom firmly belives that if you are not spending at least 70% of your waking hours in a truly happy state, then it is time to make a change.

Tom's greatest wish through Live Your Life International, The Live The Life YOU Want program, and the rest of his Personal Development programs is to give people the opportunity and practical tools to discover their highest potential and to ble able to truly live their lives to the fullest every single day.

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"A Fantastic Coach"

“Tom is a fantastic coach with a very direct and yet personable style. His guidance on everything from personal improvement to life coaching is effective, practical, and shows long term results.

Tom's coaching and books have helped me realize every single goal, whether personal or business, that i have set out for myself. I continually use his tools, especially the ones he lays out in his Live The Life You Want program whenever i feel stuck, or just need to feel inspired. Whats more is that even years after starting with Tom, I can still contact him with any issues and he always has some great practical insights and guidance that gets me through.

All in all, I feel that Tom's focus on allignment and integrity in all spheres of life truly provides a universal approach to achieving lasting and measurable success.”

- Gaurav Duggal

Online Marketing Consultant


"A True Master"

True masters are the ones who would never lay claim to such a title, yet Tom Grbich absolutely and completely fits that description!  His expertise and acute insight into the human condition is well earned because he has applied every principle, tool and technique which he espouses, to his own life! In addition, he shares wholeheartedly, humbly and with great respect and compassion with anyone who asks for a hand.

In my books, such an individual is a rare and precious gift to humanity and I feel deeply grateful to having been guided, mentored and inspired by Tom’s authentic, honest, unconditional and well reasoned and seasoned wisdom.

It is my hope and wish that you too will partake of Tom’s gift of insight, whether in the form of his excellent book “Live the Life you Want”, or in person.  The beauty of Tom’s work is that regardless of all the accolades, if you are willing and committed to truly and fully living the life you want, then the work shall speak loud and clear for itself!

- Taron Puri, B.A., LL.B, Life Coach and Stress Management Consultant

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